On vacation in a hipster dystopia, a neurotic android falls in love with a human boy reading an obscure history book in a local cafe. You'll do anything to get him to notice you. Hopefully humans think cooing like a dove and smelling like a new car is seductive.

If you like this game, feel free to donate me the average price of an americano in your city! ;)

Reviews and coverage from others:

Now, I may not care much about this sort of coffee, but I do care about great twine games, especially when they feature AI entities awkwardly trying to seduce humans, excellent, all moving, all dancing typography and a tendency to link to all kinds of lovely things. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Americano by Peter Wonica is fast becoming one of my favorite Twine experiences.It was a cute, whimsical story with a backdrop of a futuristic era. Aspen Pash

I ended up as a ridiculously coiffed robot who smelled like bacon and could only attempt to communicate through the cooing of doves. I was so hot. - Player review


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My gay robot ass loved this game. THANK YOU